Roles in Dota 2

The game in Dota 2 has long passed to a new level, where you can not just run and kill the enemy, you need tactics, team play, strategy, cooperation with other players and many other nuances. It was these factors that served as the division of the DotA players into the corresponding roles in the game

Basic roles in dota 2


Kerry – translated from English “carry” means “carry”. Keri heroes in the DotA have a huge combat potential, and can inflict a lot of damage in a short time, thereby bringing victory to their team. There are hard kerry and seven-kerry heroes.


Support is an assistant. Heroes-supporters do their utmost to be useful for the keri and the whole team in general. The main goal of the support is to take care of the keri, the treatment, the disable of the enemies, the purchase of useful artifacts such as courier and wards, ganks, preparation of bridgeheads for the battle.

Subspecies of Kerry


Seven-kerry is a type of kerry, weaker hard kerry, roughly speaking ” half-curry “, but strong enough without a special wax, thanks to nukes and initial characteristics. Such heroes usually stand on the line. In the beginning and in the middle of the game it is useful to gank like that. Seven kerri can take on the duties of the basic kerry, if circumstances are forced. Vivid examples of seven-kerry are:

  • Mirana
  • Shadow Fiend
  • Centaur Warchief
  • Bounty Hunter

Hard Kerry

Hard kerry is the main hero dealing damage, on which the lion’s share of team victory depends. Often at the beginning of the game, such characters are not very useful, they are taken with the expectation of Leith. To the leyt, with due vent, they become very strong and able to kill any opponent in a short time. Examples of hard keri are:

  • Specter
  • Medusa
  • Faceless Void
  • Sven

Local lingo

Tank – tanks are called heroes, which are hard to kill. They buy all sorts of artifacts for power and armor. Tanks are usually heroes with a basic indicator of “strength”, very rarely magicians.

Initiator – this type is designed to initiate a good start to the fight. Usually with mass abilities and starts a fight, bursting into the crowd using a daguer blink or force meltdown. Initiators create a foothold for the killing of an entire enemy team. Pronounced initiators:

  • Tidehunter
  • Batrider
  • Earth Shaker
  • Enigma

Roughly speaking, these are heroes with strong mass skills.

Hiller is a subspecies of support, the main task of which can be called team treatment, the resumption of health to other players. This is a standard concept and there are chillers in any game. Hillers most often are heroes with active healing skids, such as Dazl or Omnicnite. But any hero, buy a mezkam, can consider himself a hitler.

Ganker is a hero who, at the beginning of the game, walks along the lines and kills not the swinging heroes. Usually with strong, damaging skills. Often, seven-kerri are gankers.

Pusher – these are the heroes, which are not aimed at killing enemy heroes, but on the piercing of buildings, towers and creeps the faster and stronger. The task is to maximize damage to enemy premises. Pushers are usually mobile characters with teleports or with the ability to call or subordinate others.

Hardliner are heroes who, thanks to the player’s skill or character characteristics, can stand alone against more than one opponent.

Feeder – a player who constantly dies, thereby pumping an enemy team. If you are told that you are a feeder, then it is insulting.