Mini-map in Dota 2

Mini map in Dota 2

Is one of the main elements of the Dota 2 interface, which is a schematic version of the game card. It is designed to help players navigate in what is now generally happening in the game.

Dota 2 Mini Map

What is displayed on the minimap in Dota 2?

The mini-map displays all the objects that fall into the visibility zone of your team – the rest is hidden in the fog of war (Fog of War). So, on the minimap, icons of your and enemy buildings are displayed (by default the Radiant buildings are colored green, the side of Dire is red), allies and currently visible enemy heroes, each of which corresponds to a certain color that can be seen, for example, at the top of the screen , where the icons of the characters participating in the game are displayed.

Heroes icons dota 2

In addition, the following icons and icons are also displayed on the minimap:

  • The camps of neutral creeps;
  • Roshan;
  • Secret stores;
  • Shops on the side lines;
  • All enemy and allied units: creeps, minions, illusions, etc.

By default, allied heroes are displayed on the minimap in the form of a sphere with a pointed arrow in front, and opponents in the form of crosses of the corresponding color.

Icons and icons of heroes on the minimap

To display icon icons instead of icons on the minimap, you must press and hold Tab (by default). If it is more convenient for you to constantly see the icons, games can be turned on to show them permanently, in the ” Game ” tab in the Dota 2 settings. Then, by clicking on the Tab button , you will see the icons of the corresponding color that is assigned to a certain hero.

Visual signal (ping)

Players can ping on the mini-map using the clipped ALT key or the CTRL + ALTcombination and the left mouse button .