Guide for Dota 2 Beginners

What are the best heroes of Dota 2 for beginners? Choosing the right or the right combination for your team can often be the difference between winning and losing.

Do you want to start with absolute bases? Here’s how to play Dota 2.

All characters can play a very specific role, and some of them can be played in several roles, sometimes in one game, and it is important to understand that these roles and how they interact with each other. But it is also important to understand that the role of the hero should inform you about how your game and the items you buy.

Roles of Dota 2


The core of the team, which causes damage, often transfers as the most important and generally difficult role.


The role of support is to help and protect the leys in the early game, and to ensure that the team has enough visibility on the map, for safe movement, without fear of getting damage.


A hero who deals with the accumulation of gold in the forest on neutral crepes and comes out dressed there, or when the situation requires it.


Each team must have at least one lane, which is occupied by one hero. If the team has a forester, then they will most likely have two heroes who will stand solo. Because of this it is difficult to talk about this as a single role, so it was divided into two subgroups.

Solo Mead the hero occupies the central line. Since the space between the opposing centers of the tower is rather short, these heroes do not need to worry too much about avoiding any ganks and often focus on farming and finishing crepes, both their own and the enemy.

Characters Solo-Hard, as a rule, are the most difficult and disappointing characters. Heroes on this line usually have a lot of speed, and their early game abilities are usually rescue mechanisms, such as fast sprints, invulnerability, or the ability to teleport for short distances.

All heroes of Dota 2

Every time your hero receives a level, you will be allowed to choose the ability or “talent hero” to raise the level. Knowing what these abilities do and which ones are most useful can be the key to a good early game. In Dota 2 there are three attributes: strength, agility and intelligence. Each of them controls certain aspects of your hero, such as HP (power), mana (intelligence), and attack speed (maneuverability). However, the yield of the hero’s damage is determined by their “main attribute”, which is different for heroes. If this choice is, it is an attribute that you should focus on raising. Usually this is achieved through the purchase of items, but what items should you buy? What abilities should you choose?

Often it is easy to start with the selection of a support hero, and indeed, if this is your first game, we cordially recommend that you first try support. The reason for this is that in Dota 2 it can be difficult to purchase gold, and support does not rely on much gold to be useful. You can also feel the game, helping other, perhaps more experienced players. It is impossible to try farming the forest until you are more experienced in the game. The forester can be very difficult, because to protect you there are no friendly creeps or towers, and you often find yourself being pursued and killed by hidden enemy heroes.

Main attribute


Strength determines the strength and endurance of the hero. Strength also determines the maximum amount of health and speed of its recovery. Heroes with the main attribute of “strength” are harder to kill than others, and they most often assume the role of Perseverance, the first engage in battle and take up most of the damage from enemy attacks.

  • Each power point increases the maximum health score by 18.
  • Each point of strength increases the recovery rate of health by 0.55 0.55% per second.
  • If the force is the main attribute of the hero, each point of power increases the damage from the attack by 1.
  • If the force is the main attribute of the hero, each point of strength increases its resistance to effects by%.


Dexterity determines the speed of the hero. It also determines the hero’s armor and attack speed . Heroes with the main attribute of “agility” mainly depend on the acquired things, which can easily replace the shortcomings of their abilities. Such heroes most often assume the roles of Escape and Farm.

  • Each point of agility increases armor by 0.16 0.16.
  • Each skill point increases attack speed by 1.
  • If dexterity is the main attribute of the hero, each skill point increases the damage dealt by the hero by 1.
  • If dexterity is the main attribute of the hero, each point of agility increases its movement speed by 0.05%.


Intellect determines the cunning and wisdom of the hero. From the intellect depends the maximum amount of the hero’s mana and the speed of its recovery. Heroes with the main attribute “intellect” usually rely on their abilities, which cause major damage, or help the allies. Mainly among them are the roles of Support and Quick Damage.

  • Each point of the intellect increases the maximum amount of mana points by 12.
  • Each point of intelligence increases the speed of mana regeneration by 1.8%.
  • For each point of intelligence increases spell damage by 0.07 0.071428571428571%.
  • If the intellect is the main attribute of the hero, each point of the intellect increases the damage dealt by the hero from the attack by 1.
  • If the intellect is the main attribute of the hero, each point of the intellect increases its resistance to magic by 0.08%.

Your choice of beginner

This is your fate. If you are really a beginner, you probably have the best idea of ​​what kind of hero you want to try, and then play a few against the bots. When you finally decide to play with other people, remember that your choice should interact with your team. For example, if the team already has four heroes, select support. Similarly, do not fill your team with weak support heroes and gain recognition in every team battle. But most importantly, do not forget to have fun, be friendly and cooperate with your teammates. Concentrate on expanding your repertoire of heroes, and you will find that Dota 2 becomes incredibly attractive when you can competently play over a hundred different characters. You will be ready. Good luck!