Creep pulling in Dota 2

How to pulling creep in Dota 2?

1. We act on the same principle. We assign creeps at 52-55 seconds.

2. A double stack is obtained.

How to pulling Dota 2 creep??

3. We wait while your creeps will be near to a tower. (see screenshot below).

4. You need to triggered the forest creeps and lead them to their own. Our creeps will run after the forest. In addition, that it releases the line in your direction, so also the support can get additional gold and experience, having achieved forest creeps.

pulling creeps in Dota 2

Pay attention, if there is a Kobold Brigadier in the stack of small creeps, then it takes 55 seconds to withdraw them. The kobold has an aura for increasing run speed, which makes creeps run fast and can go back to spawn too quickly.

pulling dota 2 creep

* Any ranged hero can make two double stacks at the same time if he gnaws on trees with a hatchet or Tango.

* There are heroes who can make two double stacks with the help of skills. For example, Magnus, Razor and others, who have non-fire attacking skills.